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28 May 2021

"Lydia will impress you with her sales expertise and professionalism"

I purchased a Twin Waters property in 2019 through Lydia Kirn who I did not know at that time. I found Lydia very helpful in securing a property which was ideally suited to my requirements. In 2021, I decided to sell the property and without any hesitation spoke to Lydia. This was based on my previous purchase experience with Lydia and also on my casual following of the real estate sales in Twin Waters between 2019 and 2021 which indicated Lydia was the prime selling agent in the area. At the initial meeting to discuss the potential sale, Lydia was very confident that my property could achieve a sale price well above what I was expecting. After formally engaging Lydia, she had a signed contract with a potential purchaser within a few days, and for the agreed asking price. It was amazing how quickly Lydia was able to sell the property and also negotiate an acceptable settlement period which also met my requirements. 

I would certainly recommend that any potential purchaser or seller of a property in the Twin Waters area go directly to Lydia. Lydia will impress you with her sales expertise and professionalism, just as she impressed me, and secure the purchase or sale that you are after.

Judy Twin Waters