19 Apr 2016

Sold for $59,000 More than the Other Twin Waters Agent Recommended

We used Lydia to sell our apartment in Twin Waters. A leading agent in the area had suggested a listing price that was $66,000 lower than the price that Lydia recommended. She seemed confident and had achieved some good results, so we went with her. 

During the sales process there were times that we would have settled for a lower price, but Lydia always said “No, we can do better than that”. Well, she was right. We sold just $7,000 short of Lydia’s asking price and a massive $59,000 over the previous agent’s appraisal. If you are considering selling, Lydia will work very hard for you and always get you the best price for your property. I would not hesitate to recommend Lydia to anybody. 


Charles and Maree Mason Twin Waters