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29 Oct 2019

New Benchmark for Twin Waters

Very reluctantly my wife and I have sold our beautiful Twin Waters home. We are Kiwis and it was our holiday home but we put everything we could into the home. It was an expensive build. Very expensive! But it was what we wanted at the time.

However time moves on and we need to consolidate our assets. So we spoke to several agents. They all talked the value down to well below what it cost us.

Then we called Lydia. This woman is very clear on what needs to be done to sell a property. We listened and followed her recommendations. Cost us a few dollars but each matter we addressed was necessary.

Our asking price was well above anything ever sold in Twin Waters previously. But Lydia was undeterred. She could see the value and went to work.   And did she work????   Unbelievably hard!!!

For every presentation of the home Lydia checked the entire property and made adjustments to her satisfaction (Which meant I could never find my toothbrush!!)

I can not speak highly enough of Lydias skills. She works extremely hard. She is professional. She is honest.  Her goal is to get the best price possible for the vendor. She hates the thought of a house selling below its worth.   That is her motivation……to get the best price possible.

That is why she just sold the most expensive house ever in Twin Waters!!

Twin Waters is a beautiful place to live and values will increase on the back of this sale. Its been a long time coming with prices being held down by agents not prepared to work hard for the vendor.

If you are considering selling your home the agent who will get you the highest price is Lydia Kirn.

Barry and Linda Ulyatt