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01 Jul 2017

Twin Waters Best Real Estate Agent


“Without a doubt, Lydia Kirn knows Twin Waters like no other agent on the Sunshine Coast… Within 3 days of posting the property online, THE UNIT WAS SOLD!”

We had a total of 4x Real Estate Agents come through the property to give us their appraisals. Most of them claimed to know the area well but either evaluated the property too high or too low. Having lived in the same estate years before, Lydia knew exactly what potential buyers were after and willing to pay.

It had to be Lydia! AND we have no regrets choosing her at all!

Lydia is professional, meticulous and gives sound advice. To have sold the property even before any viewing is just sheer wonderment!

The entire process was more than remarkable! At all times, Lydia made sure that stress levels of selling the property were kept to a minimum. We’ve sold properties before and we just wish that our past sales were as smooth and ‘joyous’ as this one.

Well done Lydia! We highly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell in this area!!


Kakuko Kaufman- Water Gallery Twin Waters