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04 Aug 2018

A Successful Sale in Twin Waters

Teresa and I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your efforts which resulted in the successful sale of our home here in Twin Waters. We appreciate your total commitment and advice along the way. We are so happy that we implemented the changes you proposed as they changed the whole presentation of our home making it look more modern, brighter and more spacious. 
Teresa and I have bought and sold real estate all of our adult life and never have we dealt with an agent with so much energy and can do spirit approach. Your frankness and honesty is refreshing and to us one of your most appealing attributes. 
On the subject of price we are elated.  Prior to your appointment as our agent two others provided the same valuation on what they thought our home would fetch on the market. You felt it was worth much more and we are very content with the 25% premium that you obtained. It’s fair to say that the increase in values being obtained in Twin Waters are directly attributed to your belief in the suburb and not being prepared to under sell properties.
Teresa and I unreservedly would recommend you to prospective sellers as we are ecstatic about your efforts on our behalf and are certain that your high standards would also result in a successful sale for them.

Mike Corlett and Teresa Vega Christie Twin Waters